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Novax AdBlue / DEF is exclusively distributed in Singapore by Interion Pte Ltd. Interion is established since 1995. We are experienced in dealing with industrial and automotive fuels and lubricants.

Novax AdBlue / DEF

Our excellent inventory management allow us to provide AdBlue / DEF to our valued customers within 1 – 2 months from the manufacture date. You are no exception. You will surely receive AdBlue / DEF with the longest shelf life in Singapore. We know how this is very crucial given the tropical climate and temperature of Singapore.

Currently, Novax AdBlue is the preferred choice of most of the diesel trucks and buses dealers in Singapore. The dealers chose Novax AdBlue / DEF because of its premium quality and short lead time from manufacture date (as we mentioned, this means longer shelf life for your adBlue).

Lead time is important for AdBlue because AdBlue has a limited shelf life of 6 – 12 months depending on the storage conditions. If you have AdBlue exceeding 12 months from manufacture date, feel free to reach us. We can conduct a complimentary validity test for you. We can help you check if your AdBlue / DEF is within the specifications stated in ISO 22241 (the standard governing the production and quality of AdBlue / DEF).

We would be happy to serve you. For more information about our services Contact Us.
or find us at 64 Senoko Road Singapore 758126.

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