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Average Consumption

Average Consumption

Average AdBlue / Diesel Emission Fluid (DEF) to diesel consumption is estimated by various vehicle manufacturers at approximately 5.0 %, i.e. every 100 litres of diesel consumed, 5 litres of AdBlue/DEF will be consumed.

From our vast experience with Singapore fleet owners and vehicle dealers we roughly estimate the AdBlue / DEF consumption of various Class 5 Commercial Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Vehicles (Euro 4 / 5). Actual AdBlue/DEF to diesel consumption is well below the 4.0 % region.

How much AdBlue do you need? Below are general estimation of the AdBlue/DEF monthly consumption, in real cases actual consumption may defer.

City Buses

20 – 30 litres per month for school buses

40 litres or more for shuttle buses


Long Distance Buses

40 litres or more for long distance travel buses


Tipper Trucks and Prime Movers

20 – 50 litres or more depending on utilization rate

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