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Novax AdBlue / DEF Preferred by Major Dealers in Singapore

Novax AdBlue / DEF Preferred by Major Dealers in Singapore

Novax AdBlue / Diesel Emission Fluid (DEF) is the most preferred choice of major vehicle Euro 4 & Euro 5 Selective Reduction Reduction (SCR) diesel vehicle dealers in Singapore. 8 out of 10 brands are using Novax AdBlue / DEF. There are valid reasons why dealers chose Novax AdBlue:

High Quality of AdBlue / DEF

Every batch of Novax AdBlue is tested according to ISO 22241 to meet the stringent standards set by AdBlue and DEF trademark governing bodies. This means that every drop of AdBlue that you put into your vehicle is of the highest quality and standard.

AdBlue with the Longest Shelf Life in Singapore

All AdBlue / DEF has a limited shelf life of 6 – 12 months depending on storage conditions. Because of Singapore’s tropical climate, it crucial to manage the supply chain to have the AdBlue with longer shelf life. We have succeed! If you order AdBlue today from us, the AdBlue you receive is no more than 2 months from manufactured date.

Thank you for your supply. We really appreciate it and we will continue to provide high quality AdBlue and superior service.

If you wish to find out more about Novax AdBlue, feel free to Contact Us.

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