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Expose unethical sellers of diluted AdBlue and get $50 NTUC voucher

Expose unethical sellers of diluted AdBlue and get $50 NTUC voucher

Yes, we have set aside $200 worth of NTUC voucher to expose the unethical sellers of diluted AdBlue! Reason – their actions have and will:

  • Cause a vehicle that cost more SGD 100,000 to stop operation
  • Damage the on-board Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system of the vehicle
  • Void the warranty of the SCR System
  • Replacement cost of the SCR system can cost approximately SGD 6,000 to 25,000
Help us expose the unethical sellers. You can call us at 62571826 or 94888910. Your identity will be protected.

Do NOT add tap water into AdBlue tank!

You will regret if you add tap water into your AdBlue tank! Some of these comments may sound familiar to you, but they are far from the truth : “Tap water and AdBlue look the same to me” AdBlue contain water but it’s de-ionized water, it’s not water that someone can buy off the rack.… Continue Reading

Longest Shelf Life AdBlue

Longest Shelf Life AdBlue in Singapore Our continuous commitment to optimising the supply chain has shorten the lead time to supply AdBlue to our Singapore customers. Novax AdBlue is now probably the AdBlue with the longest shelf life in Singapore. We deliver Novax AdBlue to our customers within 2 months from manufacturing date. That gives you… Continue Reading

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